About The Clay Hills Band

The CHB plays an eclectic mix of country and rock, mixed with some blues and R&B.  Some current pop is thrown into the mix, for good measure.

We are a 6-member band: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass and Drums, with two awesome vocalists, and percussion. Our keyboard player also doubles on guitar, harmonica and mandolin, and we're trying to get him to play them all at the same time, just to add a little novelty extra to our sets!

Group photographs and portraits on this and other pages on the website were taken by Carl Solomon, csolomon@sympatico.ca, tel 647-678-6509

Keyboards, Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin
Dave hails originally from Scotland, has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old, and has travelled all over the world - Europe, Africa, India, you name it. In addition to the guitar, Dave plays keyboards, harmonica, slide and just about anything else we throw at him. He's also a die-hard Beatles and Stones fan.  Dave is a family man: he, his wife and their daughter live in the Georgetown area.  Dave joined the CHB in August, 2011, and plays mainly Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul guitars through Marshall and Vox amplifiers. For keys, Dave uses Roland and Casio gear.


Lead Vocals, Percussion

Deb's vocal chops range from Shania Twain and Dolly Parton country, to Pat Benatar/Dusty Springfield rock and R&B covers, plus vocal harmonies supporting Grant's vocals. Deb's close friends encouraged her to try out for a band, so she tried out and joined the CHB in 2010, and we've never looked back. Aside from great vocal chops and can-do attitude, Deb also plays percussion - including castanets, folks, and is our resident expert on TC Helicon vocal effects! Deb lives in the Caledon area with her three kids.

Lead Vocals, Percussion

There has to be some magic in the Winnipeg water that creates great Canadian musicians - that's where Grant originally hails from, and he's no exception. He also lived in Alberta for a while, before he, his wife Michele, and their daughter settled in the Caledon area, in the 1990's. Fans of Grant know that he can nail the Blue Rodeo sound perfectly, and has a natural talent for vocal harmony.  Grant also does a great job singing Van Morrison style, and is also no stranger to Rock and Roll.


Drums, Steel Pan, Percussion

Joe is a graduate of Humber College and University of Toronto (Percussion) and is the Head of Arts at West Humber Collegiate, where he teaches Steel Drum, Motown bands, Guitar and Drumline courses. He worked extensively with the Naval Reserve Bands, was a showband drummer on various cruise ships, has played for numerous musicals and also teaches for many types of summer music camps. He teaches steel band at University of Toronto and LOVES playing drums for the CHB!

Joe uses the band's Taye kit with Sabian cymbals for practice sessions, and Yamaha/Sabian Pro for gigging. More cowbell, Joe!


Electric and Acoustic Bass, Sound Engineering

Phil has been playing music for many years, brought up in a musical family where both his mother and father were accomplished musicians.  Larry, Grant and Phil founded the Clay Hills Band back in 2010, as an offshoot of another Caledon band, "The Hammers", which played the local circuit for about 10 years.  Phil grew up in Tillsonburg, Ontario, but has lived in some of the remotest (and coldest) parts of Canada. Phil and his wife currently live in the Bolton part of Caledon. 

Phil has a many basses and bass amplifiers, too many to mention here, and is also the brains behind our 20-channel Roland Virtual Mixer system. The heavily customized Roland is a fully digital PA, FOH, mixing and recording setup, and sounds simply awesome.  Phil is also the main techie for the CHB, and has created a brand new, fully-equipped, state-of-the art studio space in his basement, which the CHB uses for practice sessions and recording.  He's also the "keeper of the groove", of course.


Rhythm/Lead Electric, Acoustic Guitar, Uke, Sound Mixing & Mastering

Larry has been living in Canada since emigrating from South Africa in the 1980's. He started playing guitar in garage bands way back in the late 1960's, then stopped playing for a long time, parking his guitars in closets and under beds. Around 2000, when neighbour Grant asked him to back up his vocals on guitar in local neighborhood sing-alongs, the guitars were dusted off, and a series of local bands evolved, culminating in the formation of the Clay Hills Band in 2010. Larry also does the mixing and mastering of the band's recordings, usually with lots of advice from the other members of CHB.  Larry and his wife live in the Caledon area, near the Badlands.

Larry plays mainly Gretsch electric and Taylor acoustic guitars, through Mesa-Boogie amplfiers.

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